Where is my BAT rewards

hi there brave team

i had to to reset my mac to factory settings so i can install the new ios iv been using the browser over a month and collected over 7BAT i have linked my uphold wallet to the browser and was due a payment today but i didnt get anything. when i reinstalled my brave browser the credits there was gone i re connect my uphold but nothing is there ether and on brave browser my cradits have disappeared this is annoying and i am getting fedup with this rubbish if i dont get my BATS i will delete this browser not happy with it at all and it dont have any customer support to the user i find it not user friendly please help and get me my BATs back or dont and let me delete this browser and go back to CRYPTOTAB THEY GIVE BITCOIN BTC TO THE BRAVE TEAM SORT IT OUT TO OTHERS CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND GET BITCOIN INSTED OF BAT


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