Where is my BAT? Months!

Okay last payout was September and I have a “pending” payout that has been months. Can someone check my account plz?


@Tag_enk which payout? Publisher or ads earning?

Publisher. Just says pending…hasn’t moved in months.

Hi there, see this thread for more info about late/incomplete payouts. Your account likely falls into one of the two scenarios mentioned here: Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

Apologies for the inconvenience and confusion. We’re happy to answer any further questions!

I’m having the same problem since September and none of the two scenarios applies for me.
Please, help me.

Ditto. I’m verified and it’s been well over 8 days or whatever. I’m on three months now.

Okay guys, I’m feeling like I’m not getting help around here at all. So my last payout was September. My Uphold account has no balance and the BAT account has this…how do I get these tokens put into my Uphold account?


71.49 BAT

Next Deposit Date: January 8th

So where are they?

This one @Tag_enk :point_up:

Thanks for the response. but should I trust that date? Where did October November and December go?

suprise! Got screwed again. It acted like it was going to pay me out…shows this balance and nothing transferred to me…again…I’m done with this.

Apologies for the inconveniences, @Tag_enk. Seems you encounter this issue Notice: Creator/Publisher Payout Error (January 13, 2020)

Bet 98.09 BAT tokens I don’t get paid for Feb 8th payout either.

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