Where is February Creator Payout Thread

@steeven It’s now 9 February. But you have not informed anything about February creator/publishers payment thread. Generally It start every 8th of the month.But why this month is so late. Hope you will answer and this is not only mine question but also many others asked you the same question

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Same here
In Jan I got my payout on 9 th gen ,nearly at 1:30 pm .

Would like to know the same.

Downloads that confirmed in January will be paid out.

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We’re talking about tips from users.

Can’t understand. I was supposed to paid out january but I was not paid then. there is 1366bat in my publishers account. So what would be that?? When i will be paid out this Bat

This month we will receive the payment the publishers please ?

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Don’t know brother. Cause @steeven still now told any update

@pexeixv those will be paid out this week.

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