Where is Brave installed?



I clearly can’t find any folders under “Program Files” or (x86).
I wanted to see a local log (if there is any) because of a recent crash.


Hi @KetaKongen. Is it on Windows?

Windows version is installed to %appdata%. Both under \appdata\local and \appdata\roaming.

Can you also navigate to chrome://crashes and tell us the crash ID? cc @LaurenWags




Very different location, than originally thought. :smiley:

I sure can…

I have more than one, and they are as following:
1st of August at 6.01.20 AM: X
4th of August at 1.53.52 PM: X

I have two additional crashes, respectively the 25th and 27th of July. I can provide those two for safety measures, if you wish so.



Hi @KetaKongen

It looks like those are the ‘Local Crash IDs’. Do either of those have an ‘Uploaded Crash Report Id’ value associated with them? If not, maybe there is a link to send the crash report? (after which an Uploaded Crash Report Id value should be displayed)



I see…

Here are they; 7b79a672fc339c32 & b90bf6bdbe0a6bf8

Do you want the other two also?



Hi @KetaKongen

These two are what I was looking for, no need to send the earlier ones. I have added them to our tracking issue: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/14955




That’s great! Just had to make sure.

Is there any way I can be of use in this matter?



If you get reproducible steps for the crash that would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Also, could you let me know your Brave and OS Versions? Brave version can be found by visiting a new tab and visiting about:brave.



I’ll see what I can do… :smiley:

Brave is currently; v0.23.77
Windows is currently; v10.0.17134

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi @KetaKongen

Thanks for sharing your reports - this definitely helped us track down the issue

We identified the issue and just now released a fix. Can you please check for updates and let us know if you still experience the problem (after updating)?

Thanks again


That’s great!

No crashes. No issue with watch later.
I’ll keep my eyes open, though.



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