Where in the world are WebTorrent's located?

Perhaps I’m completely ignorant but I haven’t seen anything in this community, Google or anywhere else that’s been helpful on this.

I’m on a MacBook running Mojave and recently had a few torrents downloaded using the WebTorrent client. I can’t seem to find where these files are located anywhere on the laptop. I’ve tried using the terminal looking for supposed folders people cite like /tmp/webtorrent (which doesn’t seem to exist), /tmp which only lists two directories (both which seem to contain nothing inside of them. I’ve tried using the Finder but I don’t even seen to know what I’m looking for…

Can anybody assist with showing me where the directory/files are located? Nothing I’ve seen so far has led me anywhere.

Right now the torrents are downloaded into memory. So if you close the browser it would be lost. This is a known bug and would be fixed soon. You can track the issue here

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