Where i can find my wallet backup key?

I am not able to find my wallet backup key…my wallet is verified with uphold.
I have to change my pc and i am not able to find the backup key…please help me to find it…

I don’t believe there is one. You don’t control the private key, I think uphold does even, if not verified. Uphold would lose out if people had the private key to use funds as they wished.

then why they have restore option ???

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Might be useful for support help, future use, people that want to import their own BAT wallet.

in old yt videos i saw that in backup option they got the random words as codes…which we have to put in the restore tab

The crypto wallet add-in still does that. They must be really worried about all the BAT that wants to become income for users. They want more BAT to stay within the system to pay publishers to get further adoption, I believe.

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