Where have my download torrents gone?


I installed Brave a couple of weeks ago on Linux Mint. All works perfectly thank you except I can’t find my downloaded torrent files. Normally my defauly torrent is utorrent, but Brave takes over and shows its own torrent downloader.
Looks very quick, but where have the files gone?
I looked at the other similar topics but none relate to ubuntu/linux.
I looked in home/temp…not there
Any help much appreciated tks.


Hi @windy, I’m sorry for late response.

It should be on your tmp folder (not sure where this located in Linux – cc @sriram). If you Save it then it’ll downloaded to download folder.



Torrent download folder can be found at ~/tmp/webtorrent/<downloadID>/

From browser you can download as pointed by @eljuno.

Hope that helps


Hi eljuno…thank you so much for your response…apologies not necessary…you are helping me!
I have followed your advice and thank you it works…Only trouble is…it seems I have to save each individual file one by one. I tried control/save but it only saves the first file.
Anyway, I downloaded a ‘discography’ file and had tosave each one individually…about 90 files. Am I missing something?


Hi sriram…so happy you have taken an interest, thank you!
The link you gave points to my downloads folder, which is what I selected as …um…download folder on the ‘preferences’.
So now I have the files as indicated by eljuno, but as you can see from my reply to him/her I am a bit confused as to how to save files 'en bloque’
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance


If you can located the tmp folder, then inside there should have your files.


You can copy the files from there to your preferred location. Steps that I mentioned before is to save the files from tmp folder to download folder IIRC.


Yep, got it. Thanks both of you for your help.


Yes this is a limitation for now.But we have an issue to implement a save all files feature that can be tracked here


Will be closing the thread for now. Please open a new thread if you face any other issue

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