Where does the auto contribute money come from if there is not enough in my wallet?

I’m very new to this, like the idea of rewarding sites, but am not sure how this works. It looks like more will be going to sites I’ve viewed than I have in my wallet. What happens in this case?

@DanOld you can:

  • Add your own funds
  • Sometimes there’s a grants that you can claim
  • If you live in supported regions, you can enable Brave Ads to earn BAT

Thanks very much for the response, I seem to be earning BAT, but the auto contribute amount is set at higher than I’m earning. Without adding my own funds, and without a grant, would it be better to turn off auto contribute? Can my wallet end up in debt, so to speak?

No. The browser will only try to process the contribution if there’s enough balance in your wallet.

It’s your choice. You can turn it off and only sent tip.

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Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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