Where does BAT goes when we lost them during reinstallation? Why there is no Browser Account Sign Up option?

I reinstalled Brave and lost all my BAT rewards, I am not even able to login in to my Brave Wallet because there is no option to Login into Brave wallet! I came to community and I see it’s not just me there are many others just like me. So, the Big Question is Who’s getting benefitted and WHY?
Is it On Purpose to not having the Browser Account Sign Up option unlike all the other browsers?
When this browser is paying off crypto for using it and when its the most necessary to have an Browser Account, you guys keeping users to lose their BAT, so someone else can get free crypto earned by others?

Just so you know, terminology matters greatly. There is a login and seed phrase for Brave Wallet. The term you’re meaning to say is no login for Brave Rewards. But even then, that’s only true if you haven’t Verified your Rewards with Uphold or Gemini.

There are FAQ and all which warn about reinstalling and how to backup your BAT. For example, the one I wrote and is available here on Brave Community. You can read it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers


There’s too much to talk on in regards to why things are the way they are. I’m not even going to go there. What I will tell you is this:

Rewards backup is coming. The way they are doing it is actually moving Rewards over to Brave Wallet. They are hoping to finish things in development at the end of this year and then to release it to everyone in the first quarter of 2023. By it being on the Wallet, then Rewards will be saved so long as we keep hold of our seed phrase. You will still have to verify with a custodial partner, such as Gemini or Uphold to withdraw BAT outside of Brave, but it will at least be safely kept in Brave Wallet so it’s not lost even if you reinstall Brave (so long as you have that phrase).

But yeah, again, that’s not until early next year. Until then, you have to do backups of Brave or make sure you’re linked with Uphold or Gemini so you don’t lose anything.

First thing, you haven’t answered my primary question. So I am guessing, it is “on Purpose” and my Doubt is “true”!!

Now tell me, the purpose of TWO WALLETS…if Gemini is what you consider the safe one what is the need for Brave Wallet, and if Brave wallet is also there why it’s inaccessible/unsyncable? what should I do with it?

Second thing. Tell me how “Complex” it is to just have a simple BROWSER REGISTRATION option. But ironically Brave uses Google’s extensions to make it more familiar and feasible from a business POV as well! Moving into the future with WEB3 and you want us to think your developers can’t develop a Simple Browser Registration thing? Sounds Gray!

Last but not the least, Not even Crypto but How Am I Supposed to get back all my Bookmarks???

Tip: Hire a Top-Notch User Experience Designer or replace your product manager with one, no one can expect/digest/think blunders from a WEB 3 service provider, and when it’s about finance and private data, someone has to Take Responsibility!

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