Where do my BAT go if I couldn't check my wallet?

Hi everyone, I’m new to all of this and I was reading a bit to understand, but there are a couple of loose threads that I can’t join …

I have the rewards activated but I don’t know where they will go to the estimated payment date.

At no time did any option appear to verify my wallet, only the option appeared when installing the application to create the wallet and from there activate the option of brave rewards ads, obviously I won a couple of BAT but from nowhere I can verify my uphold or my wallet

I use an iPad Pro 11 2018
I attach my current wallet

It’ll be deposited to your in-browser wallet – BAT triangle at URL bar.

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Yes, I understand that but later? at the time or on the day of payment? I don’t have my wallet verified so it would be impossible for me to receive the payment.

The BATs go to the Browser wallet (BAT triangle) but how do I make those BATs go to the wallet that in theory should have with uphold? If I don’t have that option, I see that everyone has.

Thanks and sorry for my english haha

Wallet verification – connecting in-browser wallet with Uphold – is not available for iOS yet. It’s in the works.

So, as my previous reply, you’ll be able to claim it and it’ll be deposited to your in-browser wallet.

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aaaah ok ok, this would be then? thank u! good to know

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