Where do downloaded Torrents go on Mac OSX?


Apologies if this has been posted before, but I really can’t figure this out. I just downloaded a torrent using Brave for Mac OSX (using the default WebTorrent client), and the file is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I’ve tried using every possible iteration on spotlight, even copy-pasted the actual file name on the search bar… NOTHING.

I know that it’s in my computer somewhere since it downloaded 100%… but where? How do I access it?

I would appreciate any help, this is driving me absolutely nuts.

Thanks in advance, and more power to Brave.


Hi @tagglore,

You can find it in /tmp folder in Mac, IIRC.

If I’m not wrong, if you explicitly save a torrent, it will go to your downloads folder. Otherwise, Torrents (like all other files) will be downloaded to temporary directories, and routinely deleted.

Hope this one can help,
Thank you,

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