Where do 'cancelled' download files go (want to resume)



Hello team,

Short version: Where can I find the ‘cancelled’ file I spent all day trying to download? I want to try and use wget to resume and finish the download (Brave isn’t giving me the option.)

Long version: Downloaded about 8gigs of a 9gig file from Google Drive, ran out of time and hit ‘pause’ and closed laptop. This caused Brave to ‘Cancel’ the download. I’d like to find a way to resume the download, but can’t find the cancelled download file (no option to open downloaded location under downloads, plus also while it was downloading I knew were the file was downloading to and there was a file there, but it is gone now and that folder is now empty), it isn’t in the (trashcan and I looked around in both local/roaming under appdata in the Brave folders and couldn’t find anything.)


Thanks in advance!


There is no resume from paused downloads. When the browser is closed it cancels the download. Location should be default C:\Users\<Username>\Downloadsunless you have changed the default location in about:general.
There is an issue logged for this feature to be implemented and can be tracked here

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