Where did "MUTE TAB" go?



The tab option to mute this tab has disappeared again. The “Mute other tabs” is still present but it doesn’t work.


@kevinICdesigner which Brave version number and which operating system are you on?
Could you give an example of some of the tabs you had open which were producing sound?
Was there anything special about those tabs (private mode, alternative session, etc?)


Version Information
| Brave | 0.15.310 |
| rev | 6b5e4e2 |
| Muon | 3.0.201 |
| libchromiumcontent | 58.0.3029.110 |
| V8 | |
| Node.js | 7.9.0 |
| Update Channel | dev |
| os.platform | win32 |
| os.release | 10.0.15063 |
| os.arch | x64

Problem occurs with a wide variety of web pages. Renders the browser unusable as I multitask and cannot afford to have multiple pages giving audio at once. From: alex brave@discoursemail.com


For 0.15.310 on OS X, it appears to be displaying fine on a tab which is producing audio.

Also, clicking on the speaker icon muted the tab appropriately.

I’ll give it a try on a Windows VM shortly.


VM - Windows 7 ia-32:
Same situation as above.

I was able to find the Mute Tab control on a tab with sound and was able to mute the tab via the icon as well.

@kevinICdesigner if you could perhaps provide some more detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue, I’ll be able to gain some insight.



I just lost my speaker icon next to the tabs. Right clicking and muting tabs still works, but now I don’t know which tab is playing audio.

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