Where did all tokens go since I didn't view a site for 100% for a month

So I have been barely using the Brave browser with the rewards for about a month now. I got my BAT tokens which I thought was really cool but today something went wrong.

I noticed that all my Bat tokens got credited to “Brave Publisher” but I remember disabling the auto-contribute feature since I wanted to pile up my tokens. However, I notice that my laptop still had auto-contributing still on. I also know that a lot of sites and publishers that I go to, a majority haven’t set up with brave for contributions

BUT, what I don’t understand is why did it donate ALL MY TOKENS when I haven’t spent 100% of my attention on a certain site for an entire month.

Can someone please help me understand and maybe help me get back my tokens? Anything will help! Thank you

Hi @SilentSilver, thanks for posting and welcome to Community!

Auto-Contribute, if on, will distribute the BAT in your wallet balance evenly across the sites you visit, weighted by the time you spend on each. You can set a cap for how much BAT Auto-Contribute takes to keep your wallet from being emptied (you can do this from the Rewards Settings screeen).

How much BAT do you estimate you lost?

Thank you so much for answering back.
That is what I thought the auto-contribute feature did was to distribute my BAT weighted against the time i spent on each site.

However it took all the BAT that I had just gotten at once! I lost everything that I accumulated in the last month (first month I started doing this)

I didn’t spend 100% of my time last month looking at Brave or only Brave publishers so I’m lost.

It’s not just for Brave publishers. Sites that are still unverified will go into a sort of escrow state – i.e, you’ve pledged X BAT until they verify after which point they can claim all BAT pledged to them.

Oh I see how does one usually have to wait until it comes back to the wallet?

So it’s been almost a month and I still haven’t swum any change? Is it time to worry or what’s the next step?

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