Where can I check how many devices I've connected to Uphold?

so for those of us who don’t know, following the instructions posted here and the consequent problem solving will be a bit problematic…

There isn’t any problem solving them but it just takes some time.

We are all here to help :pray:

I’m just saying if the user doesn’t know how many connections to uphold he’s made, the staff will spend more time and effort on solving reward-related issues.

It’s a basic thing, before going to use anything one should read instructions.

BTW there won’t be much problem I think to remember the count of devices one connected to uphold.

Showing devices count isn’t the Bravo’s cup of tea I think.

If one want to connect the extra devices, they can use Gemini wallet as well… :thinking::thinking:

Yo utilizo Brave en varios Computadores y tengo mi cuenta Uphold registrado en todos esto computadores, pero Brave no me paga lo que tengo acumulado, por ejemplo este mes me pagó solo 2 BAT y en los computadores que utilizo tengo acumulado mas de 215 BAT en cada uno pero Brave no me paga, cual sera el problema. AQUI LES DEJO UNA IMAGEN DE UNO DE LOS COMPUADORES QUE UTILIZO.

@Kangbachen @Anuj @Rohit552

Devices connected to uphold account can be seen through going to Uphold Settings > Applications > Authorised Applications

^^ Make sure to access Uphold through Browser.

Here you’ll see Brave Browser named app(s) click on it and check “site URL” if it says “brave://rewards” then it’s your Brave Wallet and “https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org” is Publisher’s Account.

There is a remove option as well (Can’t be sure it does work or not because I haven’t tried it.)



how can you say the count of browsers connected to the Uphold account?

Sorry, I didn’t find any information related to the count of browsers I’ve connected to uphold, in settings :thinking:

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Yahi jo Brave Browser likhe huai hai vo ginlo na! Tum hare pass 2 hai iska matlab 2 connect hai

Google translator :- Do count the Brave browser that is written! You have 2 means 2 is connected

Hey @Kirti, there isn’t any feature to see the count of connected browsers to uphold.

So, please stop your own imaginations :pray::pray::pray:

This does not display different devices bound to an Uphold account, only different applications.

No, you can clearly see there are two Brave Browser apps which are authorised could mean you have two wallets connected.

In my case I have one PC and publisher account so it showing me two as well.

This one seems the only way found, if you want then dig more into to find another way to see how many or specific devices are connected.

Better just write somewhere down how many devices you have connected as of there is no any other way (found yet) which shows exact number of devices or wallets connected.



please read once again what the author asked in this post.

Don’t try to manipulate the things @Kirti. Try to understand the question again.

How many devices connected to uphold is different from how many apps connected to uphold

As you can see other apps I use in uphold in the previous screenshot. Why you are trying to argue here again and again?

Yeah let us know if there is any other way to check how many devices are connected.

The author’s question is

“Where can I check how many devices I’ve connected to Uphold”

Bro chill I said I just think that the apps showing are the connected devices neither am sure.

I’m just assuming that the Apps showing are connected devices as of for me it showing two means I have two Wallets connected.

Also there is no any kind of counter so I just assumed the Apps showing named “Brave Browser” are could be our connected devices/wallets.

Thanks, hope you understand.
Have a nice evening.


We already mentioned and shown you by sharing a screenshot and how can you again assume like that dude?

FYI @Kirti , We can verify 4 browsers each in different device.

So, I have 4 devices and installed browser in all those four. I can verify uphold account with all these four devices. After this, when the payout period comes the bat in those 4 devices will be automatically credited to uphold.

Claim Option can be seen in 2 situations

  • If you try to verify 5th device with same uphold account, it verifies but during payout BAT will not credit to uphold and here you for this device you will see Claim feature to get your estimated bat to your browser.
  • If you use brave without verifying with uphold, while payout time you will see Claim button to own your estimated BAT in rewards section.

He just assumed bro cool down xD

I hope there will be another way to see how many devices or wallets are connected.

Uphold should have this feature.


Of course bro but here the question was :-

So I assumed those apps showing could be connected devices.

You are right my brother, 4 device/wallets connected will not receive claim option but the 5th one will.

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thanks for understanding :pray:

I got you @Rohit552 bro

The conclusion :-

Authorised apps doesn’t show how many devices or wallets are connected.


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