Where can BAT be purchased in small amounts?


I went to Uphold to fund my BAT wallet. Unfortunately, they have a $50.00 minimum purchase. Are there any options out there where I can buy $5.00 worth of BAT at a time?


The full list of exchanges can be found here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/basic-attention-token/#markets


Thank you very much for the info. The problem for me with these exchanges is that I can’t find anything with less than a $50 minimum. That doesn’t make sense for me as the only thing I would use any cryptocurrency for would be my monthly contribution to Brave which is 25 BAT a month. $50 would give me over a year’s supply of coins. I can still fund my account monthly via Coinbase. However, their fees for small transactions are ridiculous. So for now, I am going to turn off payments after Brave takes my next contribution. I will turn it back on if someday if they make it easy to fund my Brave account with cash via ACH transfer, bank card or maybe even PayPal. But right now it’s not worth the hassle the way things are set up.


The way around the Coinbase fees is to use the GDAX interface (Coinbase’s exchange - - much cheaper). Then, you can transfer BTC directly from GDAX to the exchange of your choice and use that to exchange for BAT. Downside may be that you have to part with more personal info to enable GDAX functionality. You can probably YouTube all of this.


Thanks for the tip. I signed up with GDAX and now just have to wait for my bank to be linked as they don’t take debit cards like Coinbase. I was a certified user with Coinbase so they had all my info already. However, I had to provide a second photo ID to GDAX, For now I can deposit BTC to my Brave wallet Brave will automatically convert it to BAT. So I should be able to transfer BTC directly to my Brave BTC wallet from GDAX and skip the exchange process. Thanks again for the help!


My pleasure. I think interactions & transactions among cryptocurrencies will become more straightforward and intuitive with time. You’re right though, BTC is the universal solvent. The more fluidly & securely you can transact with it, the easier all the alts will be to work with. Glad you found your solution.


What I don’t like is that GDAX requires a State ID - not every country has a State ID, you know GDAX. I have a passport but in Australia we don’t have a State ID, which effectively means I can’t use GDAX at this time.

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