Where art thou TLS "1.3" & BorZ Compression?


Two factors of greatly speeding up the browser experience and improving the speed of the browser and web pages to my understanding is making cryptography more efficient in this case TLS and compression and I’m quite surprised unless it’s just me being plain ignorant, which is likely as to why the above technologies haven’t been upgraded or even implemented within Brave or hardly even discussed anywhere.

I was curious about the implementation of TLS “1.3”, the last I read about this improvement was when Cloudflare or Fastly mentioned they’ve implemented the modernized standard throughout their servers and just waiting for browsers to adopt it, so why haven’t you if haven’t?

As for compression algorithms Brotli and Zstandard, I’ve listed a couple of links pertaining to it.

I think they’re also open source so it’s not like you too can’t utilize it

I suppose in addition to number of Trackers Blocked, Ads Blocked, HTTPS Upgrades & Estimated Time Saved you could also then include an additional “Compressed Data” (in megabytes/gigabytes)


I also heard that this is a another plausible competing compression algorithm though I can speak for it.

My apologies but I didn’t find @Jacalz nor @Serg response succinct enough to not inquire about it again.


We have had brotli support for a year now. https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/2890

We’re up-to-date on standards.

We advertised all this quite a while ago, have you tried any of this and seen otherwise?

Just because something is open source it doesn’t mean the licenses are compatible. :slight_smile:
Also, just because something is open source, it doesn’t mean that we can just snap it in like Legos. We’re engineers, not magicians! :mage:

Last one is a feature request, there’s a category for that.