Where are torrents saved on Windows?



I’ve seen multiple questions asking where Brave saves downloaded torrents, but all the answer seem to be for Linux. Where the heck are torrents saved on Windows?

(Consider it a feature request; this should REALLY be more obvious and not have to be asked. Have a setting so users can put torrents anywhere they like.)


Hmmm… I just tried on https://www.distrowatch.com/ while I have Brave set to “always ask me where to save”, so it asks me. With this setting off, it just saves the .torrent file in the directory that is set under “Save my downloads here” in Preferences -> General. Also, after downloading, the file is shown in a notification at the bottom of the page and this contains a little folder symbol, only visible when you move the mouse cursor over the notification. Click on that folder symbol and Windows opens a Windows explorer where the file is. (Not too shabby, I’d say).
Edit, the setting you ask for is probably “always ask me where to save” in Preferences -> General :slight_smile:


Hi @Steerider

I assumed you’re using Brave built-in torrent viewer, right?
If you only Download the torrent from magnet link, then it should be on your %temp%/webtorrent/. Except if you click save button on the file, then it should ask you where to save the files.

Hope that can help.


Hi @eljuno,
There’s a torrent viewer among the extensions but how can I get it to do anything? Sorry for the basic question :smiley:

It is possible?

Hi @tlaloc77,

Brave built-in torrent viewer use WebTorrent. To use it, basically you only need to find the magnet link[1]. Click on the magnet link and it’ll take you to the download page. Clicking Start Torrent button at top right will start downloading the file.

In this case, if you only click Start Torrent, then it may like @Steerider questions about where the files be saved[2]. But if you also click the save button, then it should ask you where to save the files.


[1] Example magnet link https://webtorrent.io/free-torrents
[2] Windows on %temp%/webtorrent/
[2] Linux on ~/tmp/webtorrent/
[2] I forgot the location on Mac. But it should be under Mac’s tmp folder


Whew - thanks for the detailed info!
Sooo… it doesn’t work for normal “old-style” torrent files like the ones on www.distrowatch.com (already mentioned above)? Aw :frowning:


I’m not sure about .torrent file. But when I click torrent link on the sites you mentioned, I can start download it too same like the magnet link.


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