Where are the Uphlod CDD Questions?

Hi there,

I have been paid my brave rewards to my uphold account. I read that i have to do the CDD questions but i have no idea where they are. I have verified my account already.
Can you help please?

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Same I didnt get any email about CDD questions & find it .

I also have not received any CDD questions and I also never got my rewards.

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Hi and welcome

There appears to have been a problem with payments processing to Uphold on this occasion. As I understand it there was a question over whether recent developments that are involving Uphold re regulation in EU may have contributed tothe problem. I have been in touch with Uphold and certainly in my case as a fully verified Uphold wallet holder there is no issue, no reason to complete further checks or anything.

If you are in any doubt regarding your own position re Uphold I suggest you log into your Uphold account and see what you meet, if there is nothing there for you to complete but you still have concerns raise a support ticket with Uphold, I certainly had a response in under 24 hours.

Glad you got your rewards to your Uphold at the moment you are one step ahead of me on that one :grinning:

hope this helps

You get them on the mobile app. I have an Android app version and I had gotten it like a month ago. When you open the app, the question screen pops up (or at least it used to). Not sure if you are referring to the same, but hope this helps.

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