Where are the November rewards

I always wonder how people doesn’t see that :joy:

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Same issue here! Are they going to pay?

its been always this way . But i have got my BAT since 3 months. The payment status still yet to be processed , so just wait Ads Payout Status Update

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Being new to Brave this will be my first payout (when it finally goes through :grinning:) although I can’t seem to figure out if I need to have an Uphold or Gemini wallet to get the payout? Or can I simply use the Brave wallet?

I have the same problem. I’m actually had received the reward before, but this month just disappear

My november rewards are missing too… I linked Uphold to my brave sometime in October and now the rewards isn’t quite working already. I am not sure if was it Brave that went wrong or the rewards are lost somewhere in the cloud. :frowning:

Editted on 27th Jan 2022

I received the rewards, but it takes way longer than the initial 7 days. For nov 21 reward, I received somewhere near the end of the month, and eventually it got better for Dec 21 where it came in in the middle of the month.

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payments will happen we all just have to wait patiently there are many users using Brave it takes time

I can’t collect the ad reward. system giving error. Bat is not my wallet

easy to say when you don’t need the money to buy food.

You should not be relying on Brave’s payouts for essential life needs. There are so many variables with when you get it, the value of the BAT, etc.

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I’m aware, but again, if you’re relying on a browser to pay you in crypto which is a pretty volatile asset for food don’t expect it to work like a paycheck. Calm down.

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Don’t tell me to fucking calm down when the mods here have literally been lying. They spent the entire day yesterday claiming that all payments were processing but JUST NOW Gemini started processing, Uphold hasn’t even begun yet. Its BS.

You clearly haven’t been through a payout before, every single month it always works the same. Payouts have to process a large list of transactions for every single user using the rewards program, that takes time. I’ve been using Brave since March and every single payout is like this, I’m just patient and wait. And my monthly rewards arrive in my Uphold every single time.

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@Tadcooper is this your first payment? I have been here for more than a year and it always have been like this, the payment process always take several days, and while there are more users then it will probably keep increasing

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Having the same issue, November shows nothing now

Hi all, payouts are currently processing. If you haven’t received your BAT once the payout post has been marked complete then please post then. Thank you.