Where are my windows/tabs?



I had 4 windows opened. Had to restart my laptop. lost 3 windows. how to recover ? happens only the last 2-3 days. Thanks in advance


What do you mean by losing the windows? I’ve had windows previously get stuck off screen (a common problem when I lose connection to my spare monitor) and I usually drag a window to the side so that I can choose it’s other half and I can move the brave window that way.

If you mean the tabs are lost after restart, try using ctrl + shift + T to get back closed tabs and ctrl + shift + ALT + T to get back full windows of tabs. Either of the two usually works for me but sometimes things get lost.

If you mean the actual data on the sites is lost, I apologize but that is most likely a side effect of Brave blocking certain cookies and could be fixed if the site switches to HTML5 Web Storage. A good example of this is editpad.org which you can type on in Google Chrome and have the text stay when the tab is closed and reopened using ctrl + shift + T. In brave it reopens editpad.org but without the text.


Hello Chugwig. Thanks for your prompt reply. I had 4 windows with multiple tabs in each. I will follow your advice. Thanks a lot.


What do you mean by multiple tabs? I find I often end up with +10 tabs open in each window when I’m heavy into research on multiple projects simultaneously. It’s always been a bad habit, but I’ve had issues with crashing on Brave due to simply having a stupid amount of tabs open.

Are you more in my case or do you mean you had 4 windows with 4-5 tabs?

Either way, I’m happy to help and if you find that my solution doesn’t work definitely post again so we can figure this out


Yes, I am more in your case :blush: - I know it’s a bad habit for me too. Thanks for your help. Appreciate it


Interesting to know you are in my case. I often find that when Brave has been open for a long period of time and with many tabs open it starts to freeze up and closing the tabs usually doesn’t help.

I have a tiny feeling that there might be some sort of thread leak going on as when Brave does start to slow down there are 10-13 Brave processes going and closing tabs doesn’t shut them down.

I’d be interested to see if you have any problems similar to mine as we may be able to find a hidden bug related to an insane amount of tabs.

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