Where are my passwords saved?


I’m wondering where the passwords saved on brave are stored. What’s the location of the cloud servers? What’s the technology used for this? Is Google involved in any way on settings backup?
It’d be great for the community to know this.

Brave browser password manager: where the passwords are stored

Hi @lobo,

Can this one help answer your question? Does Brave's built-in password manager use encryption?


Yes, but not to all questions. Basically, I want to know where my passwords are saved. They must be saved somewhere on the cloud in order to sync multiple devices.


I too am looking for this answer. The post about “does Brave’s built-in password manager use encryption” states that for Linux it uses gnome-keyring or kwallet;

However, when I enabled password management, and subsequently sync, I was never prompted to enter a password/passphrase, so I’m left wondering which passphrase was used to encrypt the information (if at all), and further, how does one change it, recover it, or re-enter it for sync’d devices?

Unable to find online documentation/information on this topic as of yet …


submitted an issue/ticket for tracking the creation of content:


cc @sriram or @kamil for additional answer. :slight_smile:

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