Where are my november rewards?

I have not received my November rewards on my wallet uphold. I have already opened a ticket via email to support but I have not received a response! @steeven

@Michele1995 you posted on December 21, which is when I replied to tell you to submit a ticket. It often takes 3-5 business days to see and respond. Tickets are responded to your email. It so far has been 2 business days. Though with Christmas and other holidays, some of Support are on vacation. Therefore expected to have delays in response.

If you can be patient, they’ll get back to you. Just be advised it may take a little time yet. Worst case scenario is after New Years, but hopefully within next couple days.


If you’re ever going to post to say “I opened a ticket” then you need to post the ticket number along with it. Just your topic here to say “I opened a ticket” does nothing. They wouldn’t be able to help you because you provided no reference. That said, why don’t you at least reply here with your ticket number? But then beyond that, just have to wait and they’ll get to you as soon as they are able.

It’s January 2nd, and I haven’t received a response since December 21st. I haven’t received my November BATs yet!

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