Where are my BATS

I have transferred my BAT to my friend’s brave publisher account , 54 BATS. , But received only 19 , where are all my BATS

Do you have a screenshot to see what could happen

you will get pending bat at next payout you don’t need to worry

If it is most likely, look brave in the rewards section that tells you about your shipping

Check your shipment and the next date of receipt of payment the latter with the help of your friend
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My friend hasn’t received all the BATS , I have sent 53 BAT but received only 19
It’s about more than a month now please check and send it as soon as possible

Ok I have put a ticket for someone with more experience to help you for sure ask for the catch of the donation or something like that

Are you from brave community?? , Can you help me with this? , Lost more than 2/3rds of my BATS

I started in the community to help yesterday and I put a ticket to see if someone with more exp could solve it

I will put another ticket if they solve it

Yes please all my BAT go in vein

Sorry autocorrector put credit forgive the mistake I already put another ticket have a little patience that someone with more exp will surely help

Look at this screenshot sir , here is the proof , I tipped 53 BAT to akhil bansal on 8 July 2020 , but he received only 19 BAT , now please send all the BAT either to my brave browser or to Akhil bansal brave publisher or uphold account

It’s been more than a week now , still haven’t done anything , my issue is still pending ,and now , I don’t get adds in my browser , it’s been more than 10 days now since the last payout happened, I haven’t got any adds , and I haven’t received my 53 BAT which were lost 2 months ago , i also gave the proof of that

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