Where are claim reward tokens being sent to?

I was able to claim my rewards now, and the rewards page shows me a “balance” now. What am I supposed to do with this now? There doesn’t seem to be a menu anywhere where I can actually see the wallet these tokens have been sent to.

Have you verified with Uphold or Gemini?
If so, they are sent to your custodial wallet that you have connected brave to.
If not, they stay in your browser.

Further info

I can’t have a verified wallet anymore, because I’m in an “unsupported region”.

You’ll be shown as unverified and you’ll get a claim Button to store those BATs in the Browser each month.

But where is the wallet where these BATs are?

what Zettt is pointing out is the lack of decentralization. brave shouldnt need a custodial wallet to send your tokens to, you should have control once the tokens are claimed. honestly Zettt those rewards are useless to you, you would be just as well off using google chrome or firefox or anything else. unless you like brave. opra also has a web3 platform you wont get rewards but i guess you cant really get your rewards on brave so que sera sera. this is the big problem with crypto a lot of pseudo decentralization going on. and brave is no different.

You do, except you can’t withdraw unless KYC/AML, which for Brave is done through Gemini and Uphold. This is because legally they can’t just give it to you and let you take it wherever you want. Government requires all the documentation and also require licenses and all for those handling that. Brave is avoiding having to do the manpower, data collection, etc by doing a partnership with exchanges.

So if you’re claiming just in the browser, then what you have is vBAT and not BAT. You don’t get BAT until it arrives at Uphold or Gemini. vBAT is in your browser within Rewards and you can freely use it to tip people. That’s all you can do with it.

In any case, Brave is taking actions to stop the complaints on that. If you didn’t see it already, in 1.48 (which releases in February), nobody will be able to earn BAT anymore unless they are connected with a custodial partner. So you won’t be able to complain about earning anything and not being able to move it while being unverified.

then you dont and the idea that you do is a lie. brave is a browser not a exchange. there should be no KYC and to use legality to justify or excuse the lie is BS. there is no decentralization, this is fake decentralization. here these are your tokens that we control and decide to give you if do what we want. THATS NOT REAL DECENTRALIZATION.

brave isnt that bad of a browser. but it is done by google devs so if that gives you any idea of the intent behind the browser

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