Where are Brave Dev bookmarks stored on disk?

Am using Windows - where are bookmarks stored? Brave Dev has crashed & I need access to my bookmarks. Thanks

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Is Dev still crashing on you? If not, you can export your bookmarks from the browser as an HTML file – Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmark Manager --> Menu (top right) --> Export
Otherwise, your bookmarks are stored in a file labeled session-store-1, but they’re mixed in with other browsing data recorded in this session file and may be hard to extract. I would recommend trying the export option if possible.


Dev loads, but stays minimized. I can’t maximize/restore it ie can’t view the browser on screen. So technically I guess that’s not a crash since it’s running. So obviously can’t export my bookmarks.
I’ll try the “session-store-1” option. But that seems weak. Brave should simply have an auto save option for bookmarks (user can specify how often/when to save) and of course should be a clean separate .html file. Thanks

update: So looked in the BraveSoftware folder/sub-folders - didn’t see any “session-store-1” file.

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The export/ import option is poor, since the imported bookmarks are all stored under a separate folder, called “imported bookmarks”. This is not an option to keep bookmarks manually in sinc.

You can drag, drop, copy, paste, rename and regroup all your bookmarks in the bookmarks manager – even the ones you’ve imported.

In Windows the Bookmark file is located at

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default


if you want to shift the book marks to chrome and can not find the bookmarks file
just create a new book marks folder in brave itself and drag the book marks file into the new folder and drag it into the the chrome bookmarks bar and over​:sunglasses::innocent::sunglasses::relieved::smirk::wink::grin:

thank you very much bro