Where are Brave Dev bookmarks stored on disk?


Am using Windows - where are bookmarks stored? Brave Dev has crashed & I need access to my bookmarks. Thanks


Is Dev still crashing on you? If not, you can export your bookmarks from the browser as an HTML file – Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmark Manager --> Menu (top right) --> Export
Otherwise, your bookmarks are stored in a file labeled session-store-1, but they’re mixed in with other browsing data recorded in this session file and may be hard to extract. I would recommend trying the export option if possible.

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Dev loads, but stays minimized. I can’t maximize/restore it ie can’t view the browser on screen. So technically I guess that’s not a crash since it’s running. So obviously can’t export my bookmarks.
I’ll try the “session-store-1” option. But that seems weak. Brave should simply have an auto save option for bookmarks (user can specify how often/when to save) and of course should be a clean separate .html file. Thanks

update: So looked in the BraveSoftware folder/sub-folders - didn’t see any “session-store-1” file.