When will these improvements come to Brave?

When will these improvements be available to Brave?

  • Let the .exe installer automatically detect the language of the operating system and not install it in the options.
  • That the synchronization improves and allows to synchronize also passwords, history, etc. (It is something that many users criticize in forums and that is the main problem to definitely go to Brave).
  • An option in the menu that allows you to choose the dark mode on the web (inverted colors), both on PC and Android.

They are the most common requests that I receive from the community in forums and I think it is a priority. Many users do not make the leap to Brave because of it. I leave you as recommendations and for the comments that I have been collecting in the largest Spanish-speaking forum in the world. Forocoches.

Thank you very much and good work guys!

I agree with the language detection and also agree with the synchronization of data types (history), for passwords I prefer a manager.


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