When will the press-darling Brave® browser ever start supporting any form of full-fledged data migration?

Hello! Newbie here. Whilst I’ve ‘very terrible’ habit of composing lengthy [non-work] communications, I’ll try to keep it as concisest as I can:

After reading heaps of praises about this offering from every single mainstream press publication (tech-centric or otherwise) which aimed to demonise the very backers of the open-source project the whole platform is built upon, I got swayed and decided to make a switch!

So much so that I spent 6+ hours making this work, from the cumbersome task of creating a guest (“Visitor”) local user-account in Windows® 10 to online syncing my Chrome® for Android® web history and other related “private” data. All under the hopes that if not as simple as 1-2-3, I would be legitimately successful in completing the migration after bearing the pain for hours by firstly migrating my smartphone web-surfing data over to my PC (which I never use, in a manner of speaking) and then back to the Brave® for Android® through its own cross-device “sync” feature — given that I’m a techie, if not a geek [to radically alter the codes of its input-output mechanisms (and still hope to keep receiving OTA upgrades)].

Turns out, it was ALL FOR NOTHING! If that needs spelling-out, I tried both of the methods i.e. by selecting “Chrome First User” to HTML file input, I got some of my data — but what’s the FUCKING point when I can only sync bookmarks at Best?
I was shocked to find that for a product receiving so much of positive press-coverage [for quite some time], none of its users are bothered about such a ginormous and unavoidable drawback. Or maybe, all that positive PR is not doing enough to attract enough number of users over to the offering. Which is totally understandable, given the fact that IT’S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do a crucial-yet-simple task (by this era) of transporting over your history over to the new ‘destination’.
I only found this single posting which sufficiently covered it: “Export/Import from/to file between desktop and mobiles”. Being a techie, I totally concurred with the reality of economics in an ostensibly cash-strapped startup. But again, that point was neutered by the very thing I just tried for 6+ hours. The sad-yet-totally-unsurprising part is: Like most of the corporations who receive positive press-coverage, they rapidly turn bureaucratic. Else, I can’t find any other FUCKIN’ good-faith excuse to NOT HAVE A SINGLE [MATERIAL] CHANGE in that direction for 1½ years — at the very least.

Imma gonna uninstall! If “fanboys” and “officials” amongst you can play “Bigger Men” and still would like to have somebody with the same needs as me, do pin me back when that “Herculean feat” is FINALLY ATTAINED.
Sorry Not Sorry. Toodles!

your post speaks truth. There is a forum on the community on how much sync sucks. I have been using brave for over a year. I stayed because I saw willingness to make need changes by the brave team. I am a fan of brave but not a fanboy. you just faced over 6 hours of trouble. There are more issues than what you encountered.

  • we all want our workload synced from desktop to laptop to tablet to phone. Now that isn’t an option. sync sucks and it is still in development. personal opinion it should be scaled back to Brave dev or Brave Nightly
  • we all want our wallets synced. For now I can’t put my finger on its progress scale.
    *bidirectional wallets or omni-directional wallet. For now traces of this is already showing up in Brave Nightly and currently am compiling the branch file from github to see if any input I can put in would hasten its development https://github.com/brave/brave-core/tree/uphold-wallet.
  • many others like hardware acceleration

I am not saying stay with brave because it is okay or even there yet. Stay for the community, stay because of what you could offer to the community. You did say you are a techie, if not a geek [to radically alter the codes of its input-output mechanisms (and still hope to keep receiving OTA upgrades)].
Your free time can be given to brave at your own choosing, like the thousands of people driven by their frustration with internet explorer and the stagnation of Mozilla to create the open-sourced chromium browser with very fast update roll out and is at the edge of new browser tech.
@Mattches @asad @steeven @iznai @eljuno Do you wish to add more?

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Sync is definitely still in its early stages – appreciate your feedback and sorry to hear that you had a tough time getting started. :slight_smile: Please let us know if there’s anything specific you think we could do better.

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First of all, Thanks A Ton for polite and yet, well-articulated in spite of being radically-honest — response.

Even though my original-post may give you the impression that I’m defending Google®, I’m certainly not! And hence, I can’t recall a reason why the Chromium® project deserves to be the #1 in popularity (ideally speaking). So I can’t agree that Mozilla® choosing not to build a product based on Blink™ is inherently any wrong. At least they’ve come a long way and Sorry to add, but from the features and UX wise — they seem to be doing so at a relatively quicker pace than Brave® (as they should, this is 2019 after all — where there are enough of material (read source-codes) to built upon, be it paid or even free licensing). Besides, even a quick glance at Alphabet®’s, or if we still restrict to the Chromium® project only — tells us that: Contributing to Chromium® will yield not-so-hopeful net results as long as Google®’s in-charge. You’re getting what I’m trying to say. Unless open-source governance is practically achieved, getting behind any of the stuff administered and legally-owned by “Big Tech” may pay dividends in the short-term, but doesn’t give enough of mileage for the long-run. And yes; at least, Firefox® did support migrating 2 key browsing data between mobile devices till Marshmallow®, can’t say why they stopped.

And even though I tried my Best to be concise enough, guess some of the connotation was missed: I clearly implied my schedule is not that “free”. So no offence, but I’m not into software-development to be able to make time for “building things together”. (As in, those “MINIMUM 6 hours” sitting in front of a PC (which I’ve mostly stopped using, need I remind) doing absolutely nothing was a way too big a patience-test for me.) Especially when things are still pretty bare-bones in the age of 2019. Still when there have been complaints and feedbacks for past 1½+ years. And hence, I can’t even think to join-in before bare-necessities are offered: As I said, “do ping me back…”. Shall I go on?

Yeah! Why not?

If we’re talking specifics, do add the ability to migrate not just bookmarks but browsing history, form autofill data and perhaps, even passwords to the browser.

Is that clear?
P.S. Do reply-to email addresses expire after a certain period of time. If so, please specify when and why is that?

Password, autofill data, History and other things can be moved from chrome and Mozilla

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First of all, Thanks for chipping-in!

And no, that’s not a formality given the fact that you’ve ostensibly replied with total substance as well.

So: I assume the “Chrome®” in your reply strictly refers to ‘Chrome for Windows®’ public-builds?
If so: While that’s not an ideal, but at least it’s halfway. Pray tell! Exactly how? Because if it’s a possibility by the time I originally posted this, then it’s a shame that the Browser Support Knowledgebase to anybody else so far has been unable to assist.