When will the new custodian will be introduced?

when will the new custodian will be introduced? because i have used up all of my 4 log ins and cannot received my rewards now on my new gadget.

Somewhere on reddit it said the update coming in August. Forget the exact date I want to say it was the 10th for Gemini.


Am patiently waiting for it …

I am not linking any wallet until the new brave wallet comes out…

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can you send the link?

There is an update for choosing an custodian wallet but only uphold is the option :frowning:

I dont remember how / where I found that. Reddit the face of the internet confuses me to no end. But my assumption is this has been postponed, because it was to my memory it had said the update in August is when it would come out. We have had 3 updates in August and still no information on Gemini.

Brave 1.29.x is scheduled for a release in the end of August, so it’s expected Gemini will be introduced in Brave 1.29.x.


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