When will the earning INCREASE 🙁

The whole month of July went with NTP ads of 0.010 bat/hour or two with 0.100 maxxxxx per day and I earned 2.5bat this month with max use and forget about notification ads they don’t even count 0.001 seriously!!
Previously it was 0.040bat/hour or two with 0.200 max per day and I used to earn 6-8bat/month with max use
Than a decrease of 1/3% :slightly_frowning_face:
Brave is continuously decreasing their payrate and now its really too much
And you also know more than 50% user fail to make it to their wallet thanks to the unsupported regions and many false flags (VPN) (not all submit tickets to unflag some simply wait for months innocently)
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Hi @Shayan786,

Could you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

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Its not only my issue @steeven everyone is facing the same less payrate confirmed by my friends an d family


@Shayan786 Sorry to dive in here.
I totally understand your concerns.
But please keep in mind there are no such things like “unlimited growth”.
Some things are going up, some are going down, some are moving sideways for months or even years, before they go up or down.

E.g., if you have a new job and ask your boss “When will the earning INCREASE?”
Do you think that would be helpful? I don’t!

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@Murphmeister Unless boss decreases my salary every month while I am doing the same work
And now I know only you can ask such a silly question how much should I tip creators

To be honest dear sir, i’m not sure know if you know the definition of “work” or if you ever had a paid job at all.

An idiot will reduce your salary, smart guy will increase the work that has to be done.

This was more of a rhetorical question. According to your post, i’m sure you don’t know what that means at all.

Anyway, after your big whine, i hope you get rich and get paid what you deserve!

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Maybe ads in your region were not that great past month. O got over 7.5Bat each on my PC and my android.
But I did not get inline “news” ads pretty much the whole month.

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Some information on how/why ad rates fluctuate:

Please note that these numbers will never be constantly the same and will vary based on a variety of factors discussed in further detail in the thread above.

@Murphmeister’s analogy was well intended (and rhetorical) but not relevant because, to be absolutely clear — earning from ads is not work. You’re simply using the browser and being Rewarded for viewing ads while you’re on the browser. I do understand the frustration of the inconsistency of the rates, but please understand that there is expected and necessary.

Thank you.


@Mattches Thanks for your honest words.

Just for clarification, i have a job and i didn’t join Brave because of the BATs.
I joined because i like the concept of this project and wanna support it.

But after reading more than 4000 posts last month it feels like there are just very few people willing to support the concept.
It’s more of a “grap and run” of people threatening they won’t use Brave anymore if they don’t get paid.

To me, that’s disgusting!

btw. i tipped everything

Have a nice day everybody!



Trust me, we read far more posts as a team than that every month so I know the feeling. It is important to note that despite the way it seems, the noisy folks here on Community or on Twitter or wherever are actually the minority of folks who use Brave/Rewards. By far. Hundreds of thousands of other users get paid out every month without issue, as well as users that tip, donate and contribute to creators online.

We do appreciate the kind words and love to see someone using Brave for its intended purpose and not laser focused on how much they can earn for themselves. That being said, what users end up doing with the funds they earn from viewing ads is entirely up to them, so in the future try and keep judgements to a minimum.

Thank you


I would agree too. The people who don’t like you, would be very vocal about it but people who support you, won’t necessarily talk much about you. However, I like to think, despite those who are unhappy, they still stick with Brave. :grin:


earning from ads is not work . You’re simply using the browser and being Rewarded for viewing ads while you’re on the browser.

I agree and do wonder if something is getting lost in translation, or misunderstood. It is my understanding that they are just rewards, as they are clearly called. Surely people do not believe they are entitled to a “salary” just for browsing with brave, or do they? The mind boggles…

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I tip to certain websites I think that are doing useful service, like archive.org for one, and I happen to agree people should tip and not just grab and run.

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Hello @urbieredux,

Imo that’s the point of the project, you tip those who provide you with useful information :+1: :grinning:
Sadly, we’re at a point where clicks(or rather attention) is more worthy than content or information.

Have a nice day!

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Sadly, we’re at a point where clicks(or rather attention) is more worthy than content or information.

An interesting point, and I was reading a news article about the perils of attention seeking online or getting “likes”, thanks for the reply.

Same problem with me as well. Since the latest version and that crucial change, many people are not getting their ads worth. I got over 6.8 BAT for the month of July.

i posted about the same thing a couple months ago and it still hasn’t fixed or am i earning near what i was before. so welcome to the club!

@urbieredux @Murphmeister @Aman_M @Mattches
Forget seeing even 5bat on month
All I wanna say is Good luck with the 1.42.86 update

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You talking about NTP ads?

PS.: why would you tag a staff on it? :sweat_smile:


There’s a good Netflix Documentary about this, if you didn’t saw it yet and if you’re interested. It’s called “The social dilemma”
It’s pretty old already (2020) but i think things didn’t get better since.