When will the ads with BAT come to Romania

I heard in other countries that Brave sends notifications on Windows and you click them to receive BAT. When will this feature come into Romania ???

@CristiTG see Please explain why ads are not available everywhere

Thanks for your patience.

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Well…how much time does it takes to receive a notification ?

Does this works on phone as well ? The thing with ads…

@CristiTG not yet. Brave Ads (part of Brave Rewards, the functionality to earn BAT) is only available for desktop on supported regions. Mobile support is coming. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

But for other functionalities of Brave Rewards (auto-contribution and tipping, the ability to support online creators) is available world-wide, on desktop and Android – iOS support is coming.

Check and confirm that Brave Ads is currently available in your region. Currently supported countries and regions include:

  • :us: United States (US)
  • :uk: United Kingdom (UK)
  • :canada: Canada
  • :fr: France
  • :de: Germany.

We’re aiming for regional support that covers most of the globe by the end of 2019. We went to market with English, French, German, and will be releasing Japanese support soon. Language localizing the ML models, while continually improving the models, will take some time. We appreciate your patience!

U see…not in Romania

This one :point_up:

This doesn’t mean there’s no plan to support Romania or other regions. It’s just stated that the next supported regions is Japan.

And while the team is working to improve it – it’ll take some times–, more region support will be available too. Also Please explain why ads are not available everywhere - #4 by alex and https://brave.com/brave-ads-launch/


What about if I have windows 7 ? Where will I receive the notifications ?