When Will New Extensions Be Added To Brave?

I been using Brave for over 6 months and have had many updates for Brave but no new Extensions added. What is the process to adding new extensions? Does Brave need permission to add the extensions to Brave from the extension devs? Can users install their own extensions? And what if there is an update for the extension does it take longer to update since it is not attached to the Chrome Store?

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Yeah, I can never fully switch until I can support Webex and the like on it.

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Ditto. I really need an extension for Evernote for my workflow to be practical on Brave. Also an email extension. File > Share… > Email Page Link… doesn’t work for me. (Literally doesn’t work, not just “I don’t like it.”)

Brave: when can we expect a response to this thread?

Solution is simple… quit using brave

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Yeah I may just go and user Firefox but Firefox is kinda sketchy with their censorship plans.

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I did hear that Brave is gonna redesign its browser since the main issue for extensions not working is due to the tabs being below the address bar where as in chrome the tabs are above the address bar.

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Any news about extension Evernote on Brave ??

Hi ladies and gentlemen, In the article linked, it indicates their plans to deprecate Moun (their fork of Electron) which runs some of the activities altogether for a more Chromium environment - Plans for Upcoming 1.0 Browser Release

To my knowledge they primarily relied on the Chromium engine to play a major part in its behind the scene activities and as the article suggests they’re also going to soon take other parts from the Chromium browser as relying on Moun was causing more issues that one can carry and was restrictive in other aspects such as being quite heavy on resources and the concern and actual problem of Electron not allowing some features to allow the proper functionality of some or many extensions.

They suggest it’s going to be fully implemented before the end of this year because It’s quite an upheaval task, however, in verisimilitude they stipulate it will have a more positive outcome than if they just relied on Moun permanently.

So all in all, (requested) extensions will be coming more sooner than anticipated and shouldn’t cause much of an issue when installed.

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