When will INDIAN regions be verified for brave rewards?

I am an Indian citizen and I have been using BRAVE Browser for almost two months now but I am unable to verify my account because of my country not being verified for the rewards. I want to know when will India be a verified region for claiming the rewards as there is a expiring period for rewards earned and I don’t want to loose my rewards

Then claim them. You have 90 days to claim. Since you’re unverified, it stores BAT in your browser. Once in your browser, it never expires.

As do we all, but not even Brave has an answer to that right now. They added France, tried to add Brazil and was going to do India next. But then Brazil had issues and they had to take it back down. It’s been almost a week since and they had said would restore Brazil after only a few days. So they are already behind schedule.

India will come soon enough. Just be patient.

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