When will Indian region be supported again? or will it not?

When exactly will rewards in India be supported again? Or will it not be supported can someone say clearly


Yes I also seek a clear reply… OR we move back to Chrome ?

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I’m also from India i too have this region error but I still use brave coz it blocks ads and trackers which google doesn’t


it seems the rewards were bait for onboarding the users to use the brave. Now when there are many users they have stopped giving rewards.


I don’t know maybe that’s true

Even i use brave for the only reason because of ad blocker

There are all sorts of privacy browsers and adblocks. Most people joined Brave for the rewards.

No actual support, just this community page where issues may or may not get resolved.

I think its time to switch, atleast till we get some clarity on the situation.

Hey, Brave is working behind the scenes to get all the countries unable to verify their rewards back up. They added France last week or something and tried to bring Brazil back up as well but due to some reasons they had to shut down in Brazil. They are going to restore Brazil and then the next country they’re gonna be doing is India, so I guess it’ll be a few weeks or even months till India is added to supported countries. Brave is hoping to get all the workable countries back by the end of the year. Let’s just be patient, I know how frustrating it can be but there’s nothing we can do then to just wait patiently… And also there are a lot of rules & regulations to comply with which brave is trying to. So just give it time, cheers!
Here’s a link to where I read it →


Hey, they have informed about whet they can, already. I know that being unable to verify rewards is annoying but Brave is trying to get the unsupported regions back up by the end of the year and it takes time to do this, relatively brave is still a new browser. They don’t have the manpower to answer each and every person. This is why the community was built in the 1st place.

They haven’t stopped giving rewards. Everyone can still participate in Brave rewards program, the only problem is that some regions can’t verify their rewards as of now, therefore can’t cash them in. But when they support those regions you can connect the Crypto Exchanges and cash them or do whatever you want to with them. Currently you can use the BAT to tip verified brave creators, and in the future use them at the Brave store.

The indian are mostly supported

I know this. I’ll tell you the reason for my frustration, maybe someone can guide me.

My old phone has now become slow so i ordered a new one. I would like to sell/dispose of my old phone but it still has all my BATs in it. Now i am stuck with the old phone and can’t exchange/sell it till this issue resolves. In the meanwhile if the phone malfunctions, the reward would be lost.

I’m trying to find a publisher who’ll be willing to accept and transfer the reward as a backup.

Hey, okay now I understand your situation. Well I would suggest you make your own creators account and connect your YouTube account which is actually made by default to use YouTube. Then you can tip your own account and get it as soon as next month if you do it before the end of this month. But do note →
'You’ll lose 5% of your BAT cause Brave takes the 5% as a processing fee for tipping creators.
Also note, I don’t know if brave will allow this and how legal this way is cause you’re tipping yourself, therefore till you get an aprooval from someone senior and knows better than me, don’t do it I guess.
Hope this helps. Cheers!

Take care about this advice because the account could be banned. I think that we must wait for solutions from uphold.
In the case of @Habibiman I think that if he preserve the number of phone there is no problem. Just seek the topyc in the community

@ricardodn I am retaining the number associated with my old phone but i don’t understand how that helps me.

  1. Can you tell me what topics to look for?

  2. Is tipping a friend a viable option? as in, Can i tip the BATs to a friend and then transfer them later to myself?

you are absolutely wrong. You need to do some research on how brave works and how they distribute rewards.

answer to post 2, yes you can ask your friend to withdraw the amount you tipped him to your Crypto exchange wallet

I suppose that every account is associated to a number phone as the same as the e-mail account everybody change the equipment and keep theirs e-mail. In the same way, with the cell phone. 1- I don’t know which topyc refers to this matter
2- hmm… if your friend live in a country on the list, yes, then, he or she have to transfer this earn to another wallet that you have or must have and this transfer have fees (so much) but if you have binance wallet there’s a free way to send by XRP NET. watch a tutorial on youtube searching “from uphold to binance using xrp net” I used to send this way till my country was take off from the list to recieve rewards

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