When will India be able to Support Brave Reward "Verification"

Hi…im from India and i want to ask you when will my country be able to Support brave reward to be verified? it’s been more than a month :unamused:

Hey, I’m from India as well. I know the issue has been going for a while. Do note though that Brave is trying to get Brazil and India supported for Brave rewards verification ASAP. They added France back a week or two ago. Now they’re focussing on getting Brazil and India back. No timeline for when it will work again though, could be weeks or even months. But Brave said they’re going to get all workable regions back by the end of the year. So just wait till India is supported again for Brave rewards verification. You can still earn BATs and claim them each month, they’ll be stored on the local files though. So make sure you don’t reset your device or clean install Brave as that would cause you to lose all BAT you’ve earned so far. This is where I got the information from →

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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