When will Brave software engineers finally fix losing all tabs after update or crash?


Windows 7 64bit / 24 gigs of ram / X58A-UD7 Mobo / Intel Core i7 950@3.07Ghz - 2926Mhz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors.

Brave for some time has a tendency to lose all tabs after a crash or update every time there is an update or crash, and this is becoming immensely very frustrating how this issue doesn’t seem to have been resolved yet (i searched for solution but didn’t find any). I have refrained from updating the browser until there seems to be a resolution for this very frustrating software coding issue just so i don’t lose all my work again.

I signed up today just to make this post because i’m getting fed up with this happening every time the browser updates or crashes for whatever reason. Everything has been fine when i shutdown Brave and restart and so i don’t lose tabs or pinned tabs (so at least those feature now work). While watching streaming world cup today on my Opera browser (where i have some pinned tabs that need to stay pinned and many work tabs that need to stay there and it is very pleasing/very non-frustrating how Opera is able to recall all your tabs you had open if it crashes or updates and Opera even recalls the previous history of sites you visited on that certain tab so you can go back into history on that tab if you forget what you were looking at which is great, which doesn’t seem to be yet a feature implemented into Brave which would be a very wise feature/time saving/desirable feature since every time you restart Brave, sure you get restoration of your tabs you had open before you shut it down, but you lose all the previous browsing history of sites you visited on that tab, which is very annoying) so while i had my Opera browser open watching streaming world cup, I had Brave open with many tabs but only several open/loaded/live while the many others i had were in i presume you could call “unloaded” mode.

It’s not common my PC has memory issues unless my PC has been on for a number of days and the Brave browser has been open for a long time and needs a reboot. So i had about 20 gigs of ram being used, and the Brave browser, while watching the WC on Opera, went all white except where it shows your tabs and where it shows “File/Edit/View” etc and where it shows the navigation icons and the URL bar. I was unable to click on any tabs, it was stuck on the last tab i was on, everything below the list of tabs was white/blank. I had to manually go to Task Manager and shut down Brave because it was unresponsive, though i really only had less than several tabs in loaded mode.

So when i restarted Brave, my pinned tabs were there but all my main tabs that took me months to search and collect due to the type of work i’m in, were gone, all down the toilet making me very not happy/somewhat livid. This is where it became very angering since i was trusting it would have loaded back up as other times it crashes with all my previous main tabs and it didn’t. The pinned ones were there but not the main tabs i had open. So i shut it down thinking perhaps it was not fully unloaded from memory and this could have been an auxiliary Brave window open by weird chance, not the original. I checked Task Manager and noticed two very low memory instances of Brave open, so i manually shut them down to ensure Brave was totally not in memory. I then restarted Brave, and of course, all my many months work of tabs were gone though my pinned tabs where there, and I also noticed Brave had updated itself though i didn’t attempt to update it since this was a crash, i wasn’t attempting to update it. I checked the history, and the history for all those non-pinned tabs were not there since i’ve learned in the past Brave only recalls so much history. The most recent tabs i had open over the last couple of months were there but not all, i basically experienced quite a significant setback :cry:. I don’t recall all my tabs i had open but simply i needed them to stay there to come back to.

Also i did not have data clearing preferences set in or other words, they were not set to clear the history because i deliberately have set them up to retain my browser history including history of downloads, site settings and cookies. This is not the first time i have lost many tabs which happens with an update. When it crashes, from what i recall, more times than not, it’s remembered all my tabs, but on this crash, all is gone. So i lost all my tabs which were more than 40 at least (sorry, i’m a tab-a-holic, i like having quick access to many things i’m working on) and under General Settings i have it set to that Brave will startup w/ my previous windows and/or tabs. The history is not all there that i need to restore those tabs, i was only able to restore around less than 15 tabs.

There is a discussion about similar issues like this on https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/5512 but i still was unable to seemingly ferret out a solution.

So please, any sensible advice and/or help and/or bug fixes that works for a recovery so that i do not lose all my work and so that future Brave versions will manage such history and prevention of lose of tabs securely will be very very much appreciated, thank you.


Hi @TheResistance,

First, thank you for reaching out and writing this feedback. Really appreciate it. And I’m sorry this is happen to you. :slight_smile:

I believe this is on team radar, just not sure when it’ll be fixed. But I think, this will be addressed on/after Brave 1.0. More about Brave 1.0 https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/

For browser update related, I may have a workaround for you. Please try setting Brave start with at Preferences > General to Windows and tabs from last time


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