When will Brave Rewards return to Germany?

I used to use Gemini, but suddenly they closed my account and I can’t log in. However, I still seem to “earn” some BAT, around 0.9, every month… but where tf is it going to?

This is a huge mess and we need transparency and information

You have transparency. Not sure why you’re speaking like it hasn’t been. Uphold and Gemini don’t support Germany, therefore Brave is unable to connect to them.

You can see Germany not on the list of supported countries for Gemini at https://www.gemini.com/areas-of-availability

And Germany is on the list of non-supported countries for Uphold at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026786712-Non-Supported-Geographies-

Brave has said always looking at options, but they never have had a timeline.

Who closed your account? If Gemini, then that’s nothing to do with Brave.

Shouldn’t be earning anything unless you’re connected. https://brave.com/rewards-changes/

It had long been said that even though Germany is no longer supported, any connected accounts would continue to earn until you disconnect. So it may have been possible for you to continue to earn, but once disconnected, you’d get nothing.

If your Gemini account was closed by Gemini, then you’d get nothing. It might be showing something in the background, but not sure what to tell you. At this point it would require you to Reset your Rewards. Otherwise Brave is just sending anything you earn while being connected to Gemini. But if Gemini is closed, you couldn’t be able to receive it. This is on you and Gemini, nothing to do with Brave.

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