When will Brave Rewards release all across Europe?

Hi Brave Community,

I recently downloaded the browser and I like it even more than other browsers so far.

Sadly, I found out that Brave Rewards are not available in my country nor the majority of neighbouring countries. After doing some research, I figured that Brave is planning to release the same version as in Canada, UK, Germany and the US to allow European users to receive BAT. However, I couldn’t find any information on the release dates?

Are the release dates already known? (particularly for the netherlands, belgium and france)

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Hello @deanisbrave,

The dates are not readily available but the release of Brave ads in European countries will be very soon. Kindly remain active on the forum to get any information regarding Brave ads.

Thank you for your reply, @iznai .

Can you maybe give a time indication?

I am not certain about the time but let me cc @Asad for assistance.

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Is there already an update?

No specific release dates are available at the moment :slight_smile: