When will Brave profiles be introduced? (not to rush just curious)

I hate to bring this up but i just can’t wait for this feature… I do not want to rush anyone but it would be sooooo much easier. Keep up the amazing work Brave!!

@TheSouthernDuck looks like it’ll be available within 0.70.x release if there’s nothing changed.

So will this be the profile that syncs all of our passwords and that we have to log into? Kinda look google ?


Not quite – in Brave, browser profiles are used to separate different groups of browsing data For example, if two people are on the same PC, they may want to have separate bookmarks, extensions, etc. So they might want to create a new profile to accomodate for this. However, that is as far as this particular feature goes at this time.

Brave does not offer a service to replace “Sync” in Chrome. Brave does have a Sync feature, but at this current time it only Syncs bookmarks and, further, your Sync data is accessed by way of a private Sync “code”, rather than a specific browser profile.

Is there something in particular you need this feature for, or are you just requesting/suggestion a “full-blown” profile sync option a-la Google?

I was questioning if ya’ll were in the process of that but i would like to request that! I love everything about Brave and that would just put the icing on the cake.