When will Brave for iOS use WKWebView and will it still support iOS 9.3?

I have asked it on Reddit before, but without response. I am still using Brave on iPhone 4s and the latest version of iOS supported on it is 9.3.5. The current Brave browser for iOS (1.5.7) is based on UIWebView, not WKWebView. When will it be upgraded to WKWebView and will it maintain compatibility with iOS 9.3? I would be grateful if it does so.

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Hi @niutech,

The team is still working on the WKWebView version of Brave.

Not sure about ETA and about it’s support. Let me cc @joel on this for answer.


I’m also hoping Brave will support iOS 9.3.5 as well because a lot of people have older devices that want to run Brave.

I have provided some information regarding this on GitHub, to niutech there. We currently no longer support iOS 9 and have no plans to re-add support for it.

When we launch 1.7, we will also be dropping iOS 10 due to Apple’s API restrictions. Some of the new adblock features we need are only provided on iOS 11+. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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