When will Brave check accounts being reviewed?

Hello Brave Support Team,

First of all, I am very happy that what Brave brings to users, publishers, advertisers … Brave is a great browser.

I downloaded the Brave browser from the beginning, until 2018 I started to share the Brave browser with friends, family and share on other social networks.

However, until 5/5/2020. My Brave account shows: “Your account is under review”. I sent 3 emails on different days to the address: suspensions@brave.com
I’m very sad to not receive any answers.

My account is simply shared about Brave with the content I wrote or the videos I made on youtube, facebook, minds …

Can someone on the support team help me, when will my account be checked and reopened?

If you already sent an email to suspensions@brave.com and If you already sent your answers for the questions, then the next thing you can do is to wait.

Your case will be reviewed in the order it’s received and the team will get back to you after your account be reviewed.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @eljuno

Thank you, I have sent the answer to the above address. But I want to know exactly how long I need to wait?

You should get an answer before the next payout, July 8th.

Oh, @eljuno
I did not receive an answer on my account before June 8. If you know someone I can PM, please help me know that. Thanks you

hello … I am just like you, my account was suspended on 05/04/2020 and I have sent emails to the support team and they have not given me any response

Hello … My account was suspended on 05/04/2020 and I have sent emails to the support team and they have not given me an answer. How many months does it take to reply?

Hi @eljuno may I ask if I have to use the brave browser for 30 days before I can send/share my refferal link? Thanks…

Hello, I sent an email to suspensions@brave.com but I don’t know if you put me in the answer list, I see other people in the bed have an ID ticket, I haven’t received the return email. Any words from you guys after answering 2 questions from email suspensions@brave.com, I’m really worried about this, I know putting this issue on the stage is not recommended but I’m worried about my account. My, give me some information about my appeal, thank you!

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