When will Brave ads be available in Sweden?

I did not find any way to contact the company other than here. So Brave company:

When will Brave ads be available in Sweden?

Brave Rewards (auto-contribute and tipping features) is available worldwide. You can use it now.

If you mean Brave Ads, then more regions support is coming. No ETA.



Yes, I meant ads and the collection of BAT. I solved it by changing region on my phone, but that does not work on my win 7 PC, I did get sync to work though.

Other than my region being left out (getting tired of software companies replying no ETA) from what I consider to be the key feature of brave and that comes from someone with 9 browsers installed. Brave is currently my default on android. I’ll switch to Linux when Windows drops updates for w7, perhaps I’ll find a solution myself then.

But development can take some times. Thanks for your patience, @TannisTea. :slightly_smiling_face: Please explain why ads are not available everywhere