When will BAT come to uphold?

After 30 days, I got this message like that “Time left to process BATs : 6 days”

After 6 days, I waited more 2 days. When will BATs come to uphold?


go to this thread and read what’s been said , We Are all waiting for our BAT Tokens :frowning: :

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at one point yesterday that hadn’t been updated for 30 hours. That banner is pointless to go by.

They Just Updated The Unverified Wallets Column .
Payments are processed . But For Verified Wallets , They’re Still Working On a Solution I guess.

I wouldn’t say 8 hours ago was “just updated”

:laughing: I know … But What I meant is they just updated one option or column which is the “Unverified Wallets” Option.

Guys, BATs in my wallet. Just I waited. OK! No problem.

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