When will (any subject) happen?


It’s a common request to know the timeline of events.

Primarily, our information is kept on Github in the following areas:

Wiki - https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/wiki/Brave-Development-Timeline
Milestones - https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/milestones
Projects - https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/projects

So if you want to know when a particular bug will be fixed, you will need to search through the issue, find if it has a milestone listed, and you will have an approximate idea of when it will be fixed.

If an issue has no milestone, it needs some help from you, our community members. Swearing in the comments isn’t very helpful, but coordinating with contributors or becoming one yourself will benefit not just you, but everyone who uses Brave.

You can find out more about becoming a contributor here :

Finally, with regards to 1.0, this is what you need to know :
We won’t give a solid date on 1.0 because we care more about quality and security than hitting an arbitrary date. It will ship when it’s ready and we do wish to get 1.0 done in the relatively near future.

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