When trying to open Brave Nightly it instantly closes itself

Same issue here Win 10 64. I figure it is their problem and they will fix it if they want people to use their product. Going back to Brave or Chrome for now.

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same problem Win 10 64 Version 20H2

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Same problem here Win 10 64. Started a few hours ago.

Same problem here Win 10 64. Also happened a few updates ago, redownloading Nightly and installing didn’t fix the crashes

Hi, same problem, nightly shuts down in seconds after launch, just started today on win10 64

Can confirm issue here as well. Brave closing a few seconds after launch on W10 x64 20H2. Please advise when issue is resolved. Reinstall (keeping data) did not fix issue. Issue present on multiple PCs with same OS.

Same problem here. After the last update I open brave nightly and it crash in a few seconds.
W10 x64
Looking forward for a solution!

Exact same problem. This appears to be a build issue, not a user data issue.

Brave Devs wanna fix this in a incoming update i think.

@Mattches the crash goes away when rolling back to 1.21.31

For anyone else that wants to try, uninstall your current brave nightly then install this build


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This is also happening to me. Hopefully they get a fix out soon.

Same problem here. Clean reinstall does not fix the problem.

Rolled back to 1.21.31 as per Coinzdude’s suggestion, same issue of crashing on start up, even though I didn’t knowingly update

Workaround: brave.exe --brave-stats-updater-server="https://laptop-updates.brave.com"

Update, A fix is on it’s way, and should be landing shortly.

I found that it still updated itself, so I also killed the update process running in the background using task manager. Looks like there might be another work around as well just above

new version released, manual install seems to help, doesn’t instantly(or with delay) close itself.


Same happens on Windows 7 64-bit. Last update was How do you set up the command prompt C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-browser\User data\ ?

To get around this without using the command line or cmd, you can make a shortcut of nightly on desktop or anywhere you like and then open up the properties.

Change the target to the given workaround by @kjozwiak, it is a quite good and simple workaround for the case.

For more info, please visit this issue on github. For another great solution, you can download the latest release for the minor update.



FYI, I had the same problem and I don’t know what the Community did, but it’s working normally again.

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