When to use Private Tabs with Tor

I run my own Tor onion service and the Private Tabs with Tor function is great for me because I can log in, do what I need to do, and log back out. I’m not worried about privacy in this case because I’m the only person who uses this onion service. I think of the Private Tabs with Tor function as Tor-lite. That’s not an insult to the Brave team! They are doing a fantastic job!

However, in the cases where I really am worried about privacy, I use the Tor Browser Bundle because I want to get lost in the crowd of other people running Tor.

I’m interested to hear what other use cases people have for the Private Tabs with Tor function.


Hi @jsevans I suppose I like how it’s sort of like New Session Tab but with a more concealing aspect applied to it and I like the fact Tor built-in to Brave makes the effort to conceal log-ins to certain sites or multiple sites in a selection of tabs seamless.

Without a doubt there are areas where it can be improved and without a doubt most of these issues have already been logged and will be fixed relatively soon with additional features not found in the Tor Browser Bundle and I don’t just mean the juxtaposition of Brave’s built-in tech but improvements to the communication of certain sites whilst on PTT like implementing a solution to fix the annoying captchas you must have been compelled to click by now.

I agree, they have done a fantastic job and I suspect soon after x.25.x especially after their transition to Brave-Core and implementation of other newer tech on the horizon such as AdGraph, it will be tremendously difficult for privacy conscious users not to use Brave.

I use Tor in all tabs except for those where I need to log into a service in a non-private tab. This way:

  • I get a view of the internet that is not filtered or customized by geoip information.
  • I always get location privacy from all sites.
  • It prevents IP-based tracking on all sites.
  • It prevents surveillance and interception, like malicious advertisement injection, by my ISP.
  • It limits targeted attacks.
  • I contribute to the anonymity of all other Tor users, and particularly of users of private tabs with Tor in Brave.

I would actually like to use Tor pretty much always in Brave, because many of these like location privacy apply even to services I log into, but we do not currently have Tor in non-private tabs. Some discussion of broader use cases that we might consider catering to (which we will return to after Brave 1.0 is released): https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/14649

Why don’t I use the Tor Browser? I do that too, particularly on a travel laptop from within Tails. But Brave is a lot faster because it aggressively blocks ads, and, more importantly, I hope that Brave will replace the economic model of mass surveillance or subscriber paywalls for targeted advertising by consensual anonymized micropayments.

(And, of course, my salary depends on Brave so I’m financially motivated to use it and make sure it works well.)