When the real world intervenes against using Brave…

Unable to log in to a online bank account, I phoned and was informed that its latest system update isn’t supporting Chrome (therefore, not Brave either). I don’t know whether that’s temporary or permanent (the CSR didn’t know either).

I was directed to use Safari or Firefox instead (on a Mac).

I’m currently pondering what it means to not be able to choose a browser based on Browser v. Browser, but to instead effectively be forced to choose Browser as a consequence of circumstances that are completely external to Browser.

Like: Is my bank’s website compatible with it?

This has been going on since the internet began… Remember ie vs netscape? The ability to only have one browser was always a pipe dream… Should always have a few browsers installed just to deal with situations like this as well as pages not working on a particular browser, etc…

Sure, but to not support the most-used browser?

Worse yet, to go from supporting it to not supporting it?

Website authors/developers/companies do funny things sometimes… :bomb:

Time to use a different bank. Why support banks that want to control your choices you make for safety?

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