When starting up Brave, UI is blank


Hi, I’m not sure what happened, but I tried opening Brave today and the window is totally blank. There aren’t any buttons to go back and forth between web pages, no place for me to enter a web address, etc. Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? I tried uninstalling Brave and reinstalling it as well as restarting my computer.


UPDATE: I uninstalled Brave and deleted all files associated with it. This time the reinstall occurred successfully and I no longer have a blank window.


what did you delete exactly? i searched for files in the regedit area and for a folder left in the program files folder and didn’t find anything to delete

also if any admins could help me here fast it’d be good, i don’t like using other navigators anymore =x


@crypto.obsidian You can delete the brave folders which contains the profile. You can follow the steps mentioned here How to backup Bookmarks and settings. Instead of copying you can remove the brave folders and then do a clean install.

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