When selecting a video from youtube main page, an error is shown

Go to Youtube.com. Sign-in. From the page that shows your subscriptions, select a video. That takes you to the page for that given video, and a message like this is shown: " An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: kq6xsG_1WJoc7xK_)
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Reload the page, and it works fine.
Brave Version( 1.4.95`):

Windows 10 w/all udpates applied, core i7, 16gb ram, Intel HD on-die graphics, 1tb hdd, Just a typical HP business laptop.

I’m getting constant An error occurred messages on YouTube now. Refreshing the page seems to fix it.

Yep… That’s the error I get. Not a HUGE deal, just figured the developers would want to know.

Actually has been reported by other browsers, not limited to Brave.

It seems to be cookie blocking issue. What I did was to turn off cookie blocking, reloaded Youtube, turned on cookie blocking again and the error doesn’t appear anymore.

In the cookies listed in the Allow/Blocked, which domains are being blocked when you enable cross-site cookie blocked?

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