When scrolling down in a inc.com article of an particular author, the web page goes blank?

Description of the issue: When scrolling down in an inc.com article written by an particular author, the web page goes blank?**

Steps to Reproduce:.

  • Go to inc.com

  • Pick an article written by an author, not a one that belongs to a category and a theme, like Inc.BrandView

  • Then scroll down

Actual Result: The web page will become blank

Brave Version: Version 0.56.12 Chromium: 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Reproducible on current live release yes,

Additional Information. The shields were set as in the attached image below. Though the settings are all cookies allowed, all scripts allowed, all device recognition allowed, if the shields are up, the inc.com page goes blank

Hi @Varuna,
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@Mattches’s, suggestion was repost or edit the original post. I thought repost in the most appropriate category was the most suitable move. At the time of the original post, I thought Desktop Support was the appropriate category. I thought support meant assisting when Brave is not giving the supposed output.

Yes, I did mean the appropriate category along with the other things mentioned in the guidelines, specifically the template that appears when you create a topic.

The purpose of Support is indeed

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I hope now, the original post is suitably edited

When shields are off, the web page does not become blank. When the shields are on, the web page goes blank. Not enforcing the settings by setting the three settings to all cookies allowed, all scripts allowed, all device recognition allowed, does not make a difference. The web page goes blank.

When I navigate to inc.com, the page loads immediately without any problems:

This works in the release, beta, and Developer builds. Can you tell/show me what youre Global Sheilds are set to (Menu --> Settings --> Global Shields Defaults)?

@Mattches: Pick an article written by an author, and go into that article, then scroll down

then scroll down

Is this correct?

Yes, that’s right But in my Brave edition, the page goes blank. Wait until the page is fully loaded![

Alright, did a bunch of testing on this.
I was able to reproduce this. If you want, open our Shields panel and enable Block Scripts.
The page should render mostly. It looks like the “infinite scrolling” through articles as you reach the bottom of the page wont function but you’ll at least be able to read the whole article.

Long story short - there’s a script baked into the page that’s monitoring a certain cookie (probably). If the cookie is blocked, the site “unmounts” (stops rendering). Real slimy move imo. When you block that script the page (or at least the article you’re trying to view) loads.

Its also worth mentioning that this does not happen in the Beta build. The site works as intended with default protections enabled. We’ll be releasing an update to 0.56.14 in the next day or so and there’s a good chance this issue will get fixed for free along with the update.

Hope this helps!


@Varuna, if you have more info on this DM me and we can reopen this topic for discussion

@Varuna, thanks for reaching out again.
Sorry to hear it’s still an issue. I tried again and confirmed it but find it strange that it’s not present in Beta. If you turn on Script blocking in your Shields panel, the page content will display, so you can at least read each article.
I’m going to add this to our list of sites with web compatibility issues given that it’s present after the update. I appreciate your patience working through this. I’ll make sure its logged in the right place.

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